Whole30 Day Twenty Two: Thai’d Up

It is a very good thing that I am in a loving and committed relationship with Thai food as we saw a lot of each other today.

Breakfast: Strawberries, Boiled Egg & Mayonnaise

I’m starting to ask myself why I bought two punnets of strawberries? Strawberries again today.

Lunch: Eating Out – Spice I am – Chilli Basil Beef

I was definately “that person” in my favourite Thai restaurant today, however my waitress and the kitchen kindly helped me select something that had no sugar or soy. Just to be a complete pain in the ass I also had the extra condition of no coconut milk as I would be eating a coconut milk laden curry later and nobody needs that much of the good stuff! All things in moderation and all that.


I’ve certainly done the menu at this place from top to bottom over the years, but have become entrenched in a few favourites. It was good to try something again that I normally wouldn’t order and really like, and it’s healthy! Huge amount of chilli. Perfection!!

Dinner: Massaman Curry & Cauliflower Rice

This curry is still giving, and I have a truck load of it in the freezer too!

Recipe: Massaman Curry (Beef, Pumpkin, & Cashew)

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