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Coffee Tasting Time

I’m so excited, my order of coffee from Byron Bay arrived today! Hurrah! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been stuck with store bought coffee which is always doubly disappointing – in taste and in price! As I’m hoping to move away from a morning bullet proof coffee, having finally kicked the milk habit, I thought I’d do a road test of a couple of different coffees to see which works best as an espresso.

I usually drink the Byron Bay blend (the big bag),however the Zentveld’s website advised me that the two small boxes (Ernesto and Reserve 02) are apparently better suited to espresso. When has the internet ever been wrong? Let the tests begin!


Coconut Water – Not all created equal

I’m loving this coconut water as a  treat. I usually only drink a half portion of it, but it makes a nice change from infused water and teas, especially when I come back form exercise. Touted as a nutritional goldmine, it is certainly rich in electrolytes, and relatively low carb for a juice.

It is important to read the labels of coconut water carefully as some are made from concentrate and have sugar added to them. This applies to both flavoured and unflavoured water. The Pomegranate and the Pineapple H2 coconut water are both free of added sugar, however the Espresso flavour does have sugar added so buyer beware!

Infused Water Ideas

When things we adore such as pinot gris, pinot noir, or even a humble coffee with milk are denied to us..what can we turn to? I love infused waters as they encourage me to keep drinking my two litres a day, especially when the idea of drinking yet another glass of water fills me with something akin to contempt.

My favourites are watermelon and mint; strawberry and mint; cucumber; celery; and lemon and ginger. What are yours?