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Whole30 Day Nineteen: A Discovery in the Freezer

As an inner city apartment dweller I am incredibly space challenged. My kitchen in particular has very poor storage amenities. As a foodie who loves to cook, insufficient kitchen size and storage is the downfall of apartment living. I am also a renter so I am unable to alter poor design plans. Consequently I have cooking gadgets hidden behind the dining table and my hallway is lined with surplus kitchenware. I agree, this is not very glamorous!

On the front line of this war for extra space is my fridge/freezer. The kitchen carpentry has pre-defined my fridge/freezer space and size, and thus there is a daily battle for space for every item I bring home requiring cold storage. The situation has become precarious as this Whole30 experiment has meant I’m adding a lot more to my freezer than I’m taking out. However, during a routine reorganization today I found some lovely lamb chops languishing in the bottom of the freezer. Not only would I spoil myself with lamb chops tonight, but I’d also make much needed room in my freezer. Win win!

Brunch: Spinach, Onion and Garlic Omelette with Olives and Tomato

I think it was the memories of the lovely garlicky roast lamb last night because I was craving garlic. Garlic and chilies are like a drug for me, the more I have the more I want. I softened some garlic and onion in a fry pan, before wilting some spinach and scrambling some eggs into it. I served it with a couple of olives and a tomato.


Dinner: Lamb Chops, Garlic Aioli, Asparagus and Chermoula Pumpkin

Oh chermoula how I love thee! If I had to choose between harissa and chermoula in a Solomonian test it would break my heart but I’d probably have to give up both. I’m not as fanatical as I was during the great chermoula Love Affair of 2013, but I still believe chermoula makes almost everything better.

I was tempted to make a harissa mayonnaise to go with this dish, just so there was no competition for my two favourite condiment’s affections. In the end I sensibly opted to go with a simple roasted garlic lemony aioli to compliment the lamb and let the chermoula coated pumpkin shine. The aioli was also perfect to dip my asparagus spears into. Yes it’s true, no one was here so I ate most of this meal with my fingers, and we all know food eaten with bare hands always tastes so much better!